Invest in a better knowledge of your system
Just ask our users: systems from WPS have a reputation for being easy to use. We work hard to keep it that way every day. We’re also happy to share this knowledge with our users. Training is a common-sense part of every product we deliver. It gives your staff a better understanding of the system, which in turn benefits overall performance.

There’s so much you can do with our systems. The more grip users have on our systems’ functionalities, the better the returns are for you. We come to your premises to explain how our systems work. Which options are available. What can happen if a particular situation occurs. What you can do yourself in such a case. And also when it would be better to call our Helpdesk or even one of our engineers. All our on-site training is backed up by well-written user manuals.

Knowing a system inside out
An employee who knows the system inside out is more confident using it. This means it will not only work better, but it will last longer too. After all, a system that works optimally day in, day out, creates a much more relaxed and settled working environment. Wouldn’t you agree?

You can reach the WPS service department via telephone number +31 174 671371 (also for Whats app) or via email