Plant Growth Cell (PGC)

Every square foot of a greenhouse represents an expensive investment. So, what can you do to make the best possible use of your space? And how can you realize optimum growing conditions for your crop? Two questions, one answer: with the WPS Plant Growth Cell. This an innovative concept offers multiple benefits in one. Your plants have more room without taking up any additional space in your greenhouse. This translates into benefits such as lusher plants with more spikes or branches.

Higher efficiency, lower costs
The Plant Growth Cell (PGC) is a hexagonal growing vase. The hexagons fit together with the greatest precision for the most efficient possible use of your space: more plants in the same amount of space. Not only that: the Plant Growth Cell has a protective function. Each plant has its own space, which result in greater uniformity. The Plant Growth Cell concept increases productivity while reducing damage, loss and breakage. There is no need to tell you that this results in higher returns.

Additional advantages of the Plant Growth Cell concept:

  • Undisciplined growth of spikes of branches is reduced to a minimum
  • Plants can remain in the vase during the induction period
  • Higher average number of spikes or branches per plant
  • Excellent opportunities for automating the cultivation process
  • Batch registration
  • Application in container systemsThe PGC is available in several sizes.

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