Sorting with the SmartScan Vision system

You can, of course, sort your potted plants manually. However, if convenience, reliability and uniformity are important to you when it comes to sorting plants, you should consider an automatic plant sorting system. Millions of plants are put through our sorting systems every week. You can benefit from this knowledge in the form of a custom-made sorting system that does what it is supposed to do: sort large quantities of potted plants with maximum reliability. So that you can achieve considerable savings on the cost of labor as well as time, and deliver plants to your customers that make them happy.



Intermediate sorting
Sorting is an important part of the cultivation phase. It ensures a more uniform and better-quality result in the delivery phase. You can sort on criteria such as height, volume and bud development. Insufficiently developed plants can then be returned for further development or discarded.

From sorting to delivery
Based on their height, color and/or the number of buds, potted plants are automatically allocated to a specific gutter in the buffer. You can then automatically retrieve plants from the buffer to subsequently move them to a tray or wrap them in a sleeve, either manually or by using a robotic arm.

Read the blogpost to find out if a Vision system is the right solution for you!

Plant assessment techniques
The most important component is the technology for the visual sorting of plants by means of cameras and meters. WPS makes use of intelligent Vision techniques and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
Each potted plant is assessed on those criteria that are key to their cultivation. The advantage is maximum uniformity. Whether you are measuring the height of plants or the number of flowers.

You can sort your potted plants by the following criteria (among others):

  • Volume
  • Height
  • Flowering
  • Maturity
  • Number of flowers
  • Color and variety
  • Number of buds, spikes, stems, branches, or shoots

We will select the system that is best suited to your operating process, tailored to your specifications and requirements. And this doesn’t necessarily have be the most expensive option!

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