Walking Plant System®

Labor is a major cost item for potted plants nurseries. Not only are many operations performed manually; finding the right employees takes a lot of time and effort.

The WPS Walking Plant System® simplifies cultivation operations through extensive automation. This not only results in substantial savings with regard to labor costs in the propagation and final development phases; you are also investing in better growing conditions for your crop. A potted plant that is spaced more widely often develops better. And that translates into higher returns!

All the expertise you need in a single automatic potted plant growing system
What the Walking Plant System® basically does is it lets you grow potted plants in gutters on belts driven by a smart shuttle system. This system automatically places plants in the right gutter, or transports them to the packaging department, for example. This results in a flexible growing and conveyor system. The plants are fed into and out of various components by means of conveyor belts.
They can easily be watered in the gutters, from which any excess water is collected so that you won’t waste a single drop. As the plants are grown in elevated gutters this results in optimum climate control.

Assessment and sorting in various stages
Plants can be sorted several times during the cultivation process on a single criterion (e.g. height). Tasks like rotating, spacing, selecting and conveying are done automatically and simultaneously throughout the different locations in the nursery. From the initial potting to preparing them for sale, your plants will be immediately and individually identifiable, allowing you to respond quickly to your buyer’s needs.

Key benefits of the Walking Plant System®

  • Applicable in every greenhouse
  • Outstanding utilization of space; no vacant spots
  • Individual transport
  • Substantial savings in labor costs
  • Notable quality improvement
  • Perfect water management
  • Optimum air circulation
  • Strong energy reduction

What are you investing in?
Our customers have noticed, in practice, that the system gives their business operations an enormous boost while bringing them peace of mind and a clear overview of their business operations at the same time. The experiences of your colleagues demonstrate that substantial savings can be realized. We have developed a calculation model to help you estimate your prospective savings. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to explain it to you.