Why WPS? Time for things that matter 

Our mission, dream, and dot on the horizon for our company:

Our dream: Time for things that matter, by 100% handsfree growing

Our new why is leading in our new strategy. Of course, WPS’s solutions and designs make your work more efficient and save on labor costs. But what other values are we really offering our clients?
The answer is TIME. With our automation solutions, you can create peace of mind and overview of your operation. Which allows you to have more time for other essential things.

This Dream we are going to realize in the following ways.

  • We want to unburden our customers by technical solutions. Technology and innovations form the basis for this. Going forward additional services will be essential to keep unburdening our customers.
  • At WPS happiness at work for employees is key for WPS’s success. As an employer we want to ensure employees have the opportunity to develop their skills and or have more time for themselves.
  • In the long term WPS also wants to have an impact on the world around us.

In practice what does “handsfree growing” mean?
We see handsfree in two ways: Literally no hands needed in the growing processes and handlings, but also have growers have their hands free to do other things during the available time.

In the last 20 years WPS has made big strides towards handsfree growing. Progressing technology is an important tool for us to realize our “Why”. In the last five years we have increasingly applied robotics in our solutions. Within these developments we kept developing ourselves as well. Besides this we believe in strong collaborations and partnerships, to ensure success now and in the future for parties involved.

Core values WPS

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Future-proof innovations through partnerships.


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With its efficient and smart solutions, WPS gives you extra time.


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We dare to come up with surprising and groundbreaking ideas.