SmartFlo Track

SmartFlo Track conveyor belts move potted plants and trays in a safe and reliable way. They come in 2 different models 150mm (5.9 inches) and 300 mm (11.8 inches) wide, making them an efficient way to transport both plants and trays. The robust conveyor belts are designed so they can be walked upon when not in operation. Thus having a double function as an aisle way in your greenhouse bays.

Plant quantities
SmartFlo conveyor belts carry a certain number of plants per meterdepending on the
pot size. The table below shows the numbers of plants per meterof conveyor belt for
the most common pot sizes used by pot plant growers.

Tabel aantal planten obv potmaat
Belt height
The height of the SmartFlo Track can be selected to suit your needs, starting from a minimum of 300 mm (11.8 inches). Depending on the height you require, the drive motor is located underneath or alongside the conveyor belts. It is placed underneath the belts wherever possible in order to maximize the growing space on the greenhouse floor. The height of the conveyor belts is set in advance and cannot be changed during the logistics process.

Direction of travel
SmartFlo conveyor belts are bi-directional. This means that the direction can be changed as and when required using the SmartFlo Drive.

The standard speed of the SmartFlo Track conveyor belt can be set to between 12 and 15 meters per minute. The speed is adjusted using the SmartFlo Drive. If you require the belt to run at speeds outside this range, this can be arranged on request.

SmartFlo Curves create reliable, safe corner transitions along your route. Different corner sections can be used in different situations to ensure a perfect fit and to guarantee optimum reliability and safety at every turn.

Low maintenance
The high-quality conveyor belts used in SmartFlo Tracks mean that the system requires very little maintenance. The possible labor-saving is one of the many benefits of the SmartFlo conveyor belts as well as many of its other features.

SmartFlo track als looppad 330x227