SmartFlo Crossover

To connect the SmartFlo Tracks across the main path, the system can be equipped with a SmartFlo Crossover. This application eliminates the need to take an unnecessarily long route to reach the other side of the main path, but allows for a short, direct route.

Conveyor belt height
The height of the SmartFlo Crossover is identical to the height of the SmartFlo Tracks to which it is coupled. As with the conveyors, this identical height can be freely determined from a base height of 300 mm.

Direction of rotation
Like the SmartFlo Track, the Crossover has an adjustable double direction of rotation. This means that the direction of rotation can be adjusted completely as desired with the use of the coupled SmartFlo Drive.

The SmartFlo Crossover is equipped with its own speed control. The Crossover can be controlled by the SmartFlo Drive, which provides a connection to the entire SmartFlo conveyor system.

The SmartFlo Crossover is provided with a mobile frame, which allows the belt to be moved and coupled ergonomically by one person. The method of moving is adaptable by agreement. For example, it is possible to equip the Crossover with 4 caster wheels, which leads to extra comfort and convenience when moving the belt.