SmartFlo Curves

WPS produces a wide range of corner guides, ranging from simple mechanical guides to motorized versions, so you can choose precisely the right curve section to guarantee reliability and stability in any situation.

Selection of SmartFlo Curves:

  1. SmartFlo Corner – a corner section with a single steel guide on the outside of the bend and a static wheel on the inside.
  2. SmartFlo E-Corner – a corner section with a motorized cord on the outside of the bend and a static or motorized wheel on the inside.

With our range of different curves, SmartFlo Corners deliver the stability your plants need. Whether large or small pot sizes or dry or wet plants, SmartFlo Corner guides provide an ideal solution every time.

Corner speed
The speed of travel around corners is the same as the speed of travel of the conveyor belts, providing optimum guidance in conjunction with SmartFlo Tracks.

Direction of travel
Just like our conveyor belts, SmartFlo Corners are bi-directional. The direction can be reversed automatically on non-motorized corner sections and manually on motorized sections.

SmartFlo Corner