Plant Order System (POS)

Convenience, speed and uniformity are the key words associated with the WPS Plant Order System. The Plant Order System (POS) is an umbrella term for our potted plant delivery solutions. The plants are sorted to a buffer belt, from which they can be retrieved automatically.

Orders are sent to the Plant Order System via the Order Control Software (OCS). The OCS contains information such as the stocks retained for each type of plant. It allows you to see what you have in stock at a single glance so that you know exactly which plants are ready to be sold. The Plant Order System ensures that the right plants are selected and transported to the front for further processing.

The system explained
The following components are generally included in the POS. Of course, every nursery has its own specific requirements, which we incorporate into its system:

  • Conveyor belts
    These move plants from one location to another within your greenhouse.

  • Buffer belt system
    The buffer belts of the POS are composed of a system of adjacently located gutters. There are several types of buffer belts.

  • Oval Plant Carriers (OPCs)
    OPCs ensure that plants are transported stably and independently. The carriers can be equipped with a tag to link specific criteria to each plant.

  • Vision / Camera
    The Plant Vision System saves labor while ensuring greater uniformity in sorting. This system consists of a camera with the accompanying software.

  • Tags
    Tags under the OPCs or on the pots and scanners in strategic places tell you exactly where which plant is located and how many plants are at which stage of their development.

  • Workstations
    Make sure your employees can ergonomically and efficiently perform their various tasks, from putting away plants to sorting them out and from staking to sleeving.

  • Irrigation Unit
    Efficiently water and give your plants nutrient in their pots. Based on the data linked to each plant’s RFID tag, all plants can either receive the same amount of water and plant food, or each plant can be watered and nourished individually.


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