Oval Plant Carrier (OPC)

WPS Oval Plant Carriers ensure that plants are transported in a stable manner and independently of one another on the conveyors. The other major advantage is that the carriers can be equipped with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag to link specific criteria to each plant. This carrier fits a pot and a grow vase (Plant Growth Cell). As the OPCs come in various models you can be assured of finding one to fit your plants. Plant carriers are a must for any nursery using a conveyor belt system.

A unique feature of the WPS Oval Plant Carrier is that, thanks to its unique shape, the carriers lift each other when they collide. This ensures that the conveyor belt underneath will keep running as normal, therefore guaranteeing the constant supply of new plants.

The OPCs consist of:

  • A standard transport component (tail) to be placed on the conveyors
  • An adjustable black inner ring (insert) to accommodate various plants
  • An RFID tag at the bottom (optional)

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