Mobile sorting system

If you are looking for an automatic sorting system that is also highly flexible and budget-friendly you should consider a mobile sorting system. A mobile sorting system allows you to select plants on two criteria: height and diameter. The system scans each plant automatically so no manual labor is necessary for this task. Thanks to this system, you can assure your buyers of uniform batches with the greatest flexibility.

Advantages of a mobile sorting system

  • Ideal for nurseries that do not sort centrally, but at multiple locations.
  • Can be used anywhere, e.g. on the center aisle or cultivation floor.
  • The same system can be used to sort multiple pot sizes and crops.
  • Feeds plants onto the conveyor flexibly: from a monorail, a cart or directly from the cultivation floor or growing table.
  • Optional integration with a mobile delivery system.
  • Outdoor use possible (with minor modifications).


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