Smart Labeling for potted plants

This carousel enables plant pots to be labeled from the WPS carrier system fully automatically and at high capacity. Smart Labeling is equipped with two label units. As a result, a second printer can be prepared for the next order while the first is in operation. It is also possible to load each printer with a different standardized label to facilitate fast and flexible switching between both formats. The Smart Labeling module interfaces with the WPS Order Control Software (OCS), allowing incoming orders (and their accompanying labels) to be sent directly to the printer.

Why will this labeling machine make you happy?
This fast and efficient labeling machine is tremendously flexible. You can install two printers for each Smart Labeling system, each loaded with a different label. You can safely rely on the system to choose the right label for every order.

Applicability of Smart Labeling
You will find a general indication of the capacities this machine below. It goes without saying that we will be happy to customize your machine if these values do not correspond to yours.

Pot sizes: 2.75 - 7½ inches
Capacity per label unit: 2,000 plants per hour
Printers per label unit: 2
Capacity per printer: 2,000 plants per hour
Sticker sizes: 1 x 1 to 3½ x 3½ inches



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