Irrigation solutions

No water, no plant. Automatic irrigation is very easy, even if your plants are kept on a conveyor belt or in a buffer system produced by WPS. Irrigation in combination with the WPS system is amazingly easy. If you are using a buffer system or Walking Plant System®, your plants can easily be watered in their gutters. Any excess water is collected, so not a drop is wasted. Are your plants transported on a conveyor belt, and do you want to water them somewhere at the beginning or end of the process? You can choose from the following two options, which can be installed as a standard:

Plant Spray Unit (PSU)
The Plant Spray Unit (PSU) is used to provide plants with water, which can be enriched with nutrients if desired. The PSU is integrated into a conveyor belt. Once a plant passes a nozzle, the system is triggered to give the plant the right amount of water.
Depending on the software, you can decide to give all your plants the same amount of water, or you can water them plant-specifically based on the data linked to an RFID tag.

Watering & Weighing Unit (WWU)
The Watering & Weighing Unit is used to water and weigh plants. These two functions can be combined if necessary. The WWU is a self-contained unit that can be installed between two conveyor belts.

Custom irrigation
Are you looking for a non-standardized solution? This is, of course, possible. We can deliver custom solutions, such as one we developed for a customer in which trays of plants automatically pass through a container filled with water.


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