Data Registration

Accurate information: it is the basis for every decision you make. This way there is nothing more important than having precise information concerning your current stock. Or the number of any empty spaces in your greenhouse. WPS has the solution! Our registration systems give you an up-to-date, highly detailed and reliable picture of the space you are using and the products you have in stock. Not only that: your sales department will be able to review and process orders more quickly. Count your winnings! WPS has developed registration systems specifically for tracking plants during the cultivation process. Do you want data at batch level? Or at the plant level? It’s all possible.

RFID chip, bar code or QR code
Information from the camera system is linked to individual plants by means of a tag in the plant carrier. This allows plants to be tracked from the moment they pass the first scanner. As a result, you will always know where which plant is located in your greenhouse and have all the information you need concerning its key criteria. Bar codes or QR codes can also be used to track your plants.

Measure productivity with SmartFlo Count
The SmartFlo Count module allows you to measure the performance of your logistics system. You can control input as well as output, and see how many plants are processed per employee.

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