Buffering systems

And then the time has come for your plants to be sold. You can, of course, pick your orders manually. Not only will this ensue in a great deal of upheaval and time lost; it requires a lot of manual labor. Opt for an automatic solution and keep your plants in buffers. The right plants for an order will then be brought to you automatically.

Buffering in gutters, a big advantage
The big advantage to buffering in gutters is that you can keep watering the plants. Therefore, having to keep your plants in a buffer for a longer period of time is not a problem. This increases your flexibility!

There are several types of buffering systems:

Sorting buffer
This buffering system puts plants on a buffer belt according to a specific criterion. Plants on this buffer are sorted at various stages in their development. After sorting, they can be moved to the delivery buffer or be sent back.

Delivery buffer 
There are two types of delivery buffer: rotation buffer and “fixed outlets” buffer.
In a “fixed outlets” buffer, plants are put away by the criteria they were sorted on. Combinations can be sent directly to a packing station in the correct order, or if this concerns small batches, are sent to the mixing buffer in random order, where the plants are then put in the correct order.
A rotation system allows for even more batches of plants to be sorted than there are gutters. Plants in this type of buffer are allocated to a gutter on the basis of a single key criterion (usually height). However, a diversity of varieties can be mixed together in the gutter. By rotating the gutter, the plants needed to fill a specific order can be filtered out and dispatched to the collection buffer.

Collection buffer 
A collection buffer can be interfaced with a rotation system. This buffer collects plants for a given order per gutter. The plants are then dispatched to the mixing buffer for each order individually.

Mixing buffer 
Plants are moved to the mixing buffer sorted so that they are sent to the packaging station in the right order.

Buffer belts
A buffer belt allows you to optimally buffer plants during potting, spacing, crop handling and delivery procedures. All buffer belts and their corresponding software can be produced client-specifically according to your requirements. A buffer belt can be operated very easily by means of a control panel. Additionally, WPS buffer belts can easily and simply be adjusted to the requisite pot size. You can be assured of the safe and reliable transport of your plants on main as well as linking conveyor belts.

• Use for potting, spacing, crop handling operations and delivery
• Reliable transport
• For virtually all pot sizes
• Durable materials



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