Mobile conveyors

SmartFlo Mobile Tracks are used to transport pots or trays in and out of a cultivation area. The conveyors can be handled by 2 persons and placed in any desired location. The design of the tires is such that they can easily be extended with SmartFlo Mobile Tracks. The SmartFlo Mobile Tracks are not equipped with a motor but with a connecting shaft and a remote gearbox, so that the rotation of the motor can be transferred to the next tire.

Conveyor height

The height of the SmartFlo Track is freely selectable from 300 mm upwards and is based on all customer requirements. Depending on this height, the drive motor is placed under or next to the conveyors. Whenever possible, the drive motor is placed under the conveyor belts so that more space remains available on the cultivation floor. The height of the conveyors is a pre-set height and cannot be adjusted during the logistical process.

Direction of rotation

Just like the fixed SmartFlo Track conveyors, the Mobile Tracks have an adjustable double rotation direction. This means that the direction of rotation can be changed completely at will using the SmartFlo Drive.


The belt speed of the SmartFlo Track is basically adjustable between 9 and 12 meters per minute. This speed can be adjusted with the SmartFlo Drive. If the belt speed needs to be adjusted beyond 9 to 12 metres per minute, this can be done according to the customer's wishes.

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