Walking Plant System for cannabis cultivation

Fully automated cultivation system

The Walking Plant System is a fully automatic cultivation system, using conveyor belts and gutters.

In the Walking Plant System, the cannabis plants are cultivated in gutters on a belt. They are moved using smart shuttles (propulsion). When filling the gutter, the shuttle picks up the plants from the main conveyor belt and places them into the designated cutter. Your cannabis plants can be left in the gutters during the entire cultivation period.

Spacing of plants is one of the most labor-intensive activities in a nursery. The Walking Plant System does this 100% automatically. Therefore, more frequent spacing can be done without extra costs. Leaving you with a plant of higher quality.
Growing plants in gutters makes them more robust and the growth rate is increasing due to a good micro-climate.

Plant carriers fit perfectly into the gutter, with some play on both sides of the pot. In this way, only a very limited quantity of water is required for optimal waterlogging of the carrier, and water quantities can be tailored to specific needs.

Higher yield and improved quality
Air circulation around the cannabis plants will result in higher-quality plants. Your crop will suffer less from fungus diseases and pests. Optimal air circulation is achieved by installing the air systems below the gutters. An immediate effect is that the same result is obtained using less energy. Also when the heating and air circulation systems are installed underneath the tables, it will not produce any shadings in the greenhouse.

The Walking Plant System can be built in on existing systems and computer software.


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