SmartFlo conveyor system for cannabis cultivation

Move plants, not people

The SmartFlo conveyor belts eliminate unnecessary human movements and reduce time spent on mundane tasks. 

The SmartFlo system will automate your cannabis business operations. The SmartFlo conveyor belt modules are online connected, so you can tailor the system exactly to your needs. The SmartFlo system works best in moving your plants in pots from one growing stage to the other, for example from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. 

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The SmartFlo conveyor belt system moves plants more efficiently than humans. You can easily adjust the routes and with the different 'plug-ins' you can cross paths is your nursery or greenhouse. Small plants, big plants, or trays: SmartFlo transports every plant to the right place. This will save you labor costs and leaves you with happy workers because their working environment will improve. You can upgrade your SmartFlo system with a watering unit.

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