A perfectly operational system for tomorrow?

Fine, the system has been implemented today and it’s working the way it should. But what happens if your needs change? Or if some new technological enhancements come along that could improve your returns? That’s why it’s essential for systems to be optimised. Because your system not only has to work today but tomorrow as well. WPS has the solution – our System Optimisation Service.

This kind of optimisation revolves around one question, and one question only: is your system performing the way you want it to? We answer this question from various points of view:
• Is the hardware doing what it’s suppose to do?
• Could the software be improved even further?
Which is why system optimisation always calls for at least two specialists: a software specialist and a hardware specialist. We sit down with your personnel responsible and investigate where more gains could be made.

What exactly does system optimisation cover?
• Inspection of the entire system
• Identification of plant flow routes
• Evaluation of user software
• Check on how the system is operating in practice
• Analysis of the system’s functionality in relation to your operations

A thorough analysis of the system generally takes half a day. Our specialists’ findings are clearly set out in a report, together with recommendations.