Keep your system software future-proof

At WPS we work on improving the software for our installations and systems every day. Because we want to produce software that makes the system more user-friendly, to increase its functionality, to improve reliability or to further streamline processes. And just as a computer’s operating system needs updating regularly, our systems do too. With a software update you can be sure that your system is running the most intelligent software. In other words, that you’re getting everything you can out of it!

Software development never stops. Especially not at WPS. It is first and foremost the software that determines how our systems perform in practice. That is why we offer periodic software updates for the modules and interfaces we supply. If we identify ways of increasing the system capacity we make that clear to you. We also make sure your staff can use the software straight away. Easy-to-follow instructions are a fixed feature of every upgrade.

What exactly does an update include?
• Upgrade of generic modules and interfaces
• Upgrade of Order Control Software
• Optimisation of project-specific software
• Optimisation of custom software and interfaces
• Instruction for staff