Sorting without being tied to one location

Sorting batches is extremely labour-intensive for your staff. Not to mention the expert, well-trained eye and quick action that it demands. That’s precisely why you should opt for automatic sorting. WPS offers a highly flexible, budget-friendly solution: the Mobile Sorting System. With all the reliability are sorting systems are famous for, but in a completely accessible version!

With the Mobile Sorting System you can select plants by two popular criteria: height and diameter. The system automatically scans every plant. So it’s all hands-free! And your customers are assured of consistent batches.

Specially designed for mobile use

• Ideal for businesses that don’t sort centrally but on-site
• Can be used anywhere - on the access aisle or in a cultivation bed
• Sort multiple pot sizes and crops with one system
• Plants can be introduced flexibly: from a monorail, a trolley, or directly from a cultivation bed or table
• Can be connected to conveyor belts, coupling belts or a buffer belt with a forklift truck
• Also suitable for outdoor use (with minor adjustments)

Ideal for pot plant growers and tree growers

The WPS system is ideal for businesses that do not yet have their own automation systems. Many small pot plant growers and tree breeders recognise the benefit of automated sorting but can’t commit to a large investment. The answer? Mobile sorting. Because the mobile system is easy to integrate into your existing operations. Automation doesn’t come easier than this!