The buffer belt is used to optimally buffer plants before they are transported into the greenhouse. The buffer belt and the software can be produced specific to your needs.

Optimum plant buffer with buffer belts

Buffer belts are made of high-grade, powder coated material and have a strong structure composed of aluminium profiles. These high quality materials provide maximum durability and have low maintenance requirements. All parts are electrically controlled, thereby eliminating the need for compressed air. All moving parts have a frequency converter to ensure that all parts are perfectly adjustable and all movements can be completely controlled. This unique, patented singulation system is used for singulating pots from pot size 10 up to trays. The buffer belt is also easy to operate through a control panel. The buffer belt can be adjusted to different pot sizes without the use of a wrench. Plants can be safely and reliably transported on the main- and connecting conveyor belts.
• Can be used for potting, spacing out, crop treatment and delivery
• Reliable transportation
• For almost all pot sizes
• Durable materials