The Mr Fixits of greenhouse horticulture

WPS develops smart logistics systems that fit seamlessly into your operations. Big or small business? To us, size doesn’t matter. What matters is that our customers know that smart automation is key to any market-focused business. And that it’s important to keep labour costs under control.

Automation solutions for the whole process

We know the pot plant business like the back of our hand. We can quickly pinpoint where there is scope for growing profits in your business processes. We deliver a tailor-made solutions for every situation. Lots of components of our systems are interchangeable. That makes our automation solutions highly affordable. Plus our systems are fully interconnecting. This synergy makes each individual solution even more effective. And it means that we can support you all the way along the process. From spacing up to delivery. And from planting cuttings to sorting.

Building relationships
We are committed to increasing our customers’ profitability. So we build long-term relationships. Because with WPS you won’t only get the most out of your automation today but tomorrow as well. That makes investing in our technologies future-proof.

We make sure we understand your needs.
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