Smart Placing is a key part of the SmartStaff family. This intelligent robotic arm picks up the plants from the WPS carrier system fully automatically and places them at high speed in trays that are automatically supplied. The ‘artificial hand’ protects the plants against damage.

Why will this robot make you happy?Smart Placing

This smart robot is your best worker. It never gets tired, it’s never sick, it has an excellent work capacity and works with a high degree of accuracy. What’s more, you know exactly what your output will be, making your business processes more transparent and more predictable.

Example of usage

Below is an example of the capacity of this smart robotic arm, based on an actual customer case. All our robots can of course be customized to suit your situation.
• Capacity: 1,500 plants per hour
• Pot size: 10.5 cm
• Plant weight: 350 g
• Tray width: 285-385 mm
• Tray length: 350-610 mm

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