This high-capacity-carousel, labels plant pots coming from the WPS carrier system, fully automatically. The Smart Labeling module features two labeling units, each of which is capable of handling the full capacity. This means that while one printer is in use, at the same time the other printer can be prepared for the next order. You can also install a different standard label on each printer so that you can switch quickly and flexibly between the two formats. The Smart Labeling module is linked to the WPS Order Control Software (OCS), so incoming orders (and the associated labels) can be sent straight to it.

Why will this module make you happy?

This fast and efficient labeling machine is extremely flexible. There are two printers on each Smart Labeling module which you can operate with different labels. The system chooses the appropriate label for each order.

Example of usageSmart Labeling

Below is an example of the capacity of the Smart Labeling unit, based on an actual customer case. All our robots can of course be customized to suit your situation.
• Pot size: 7-19 cm
• Capacity per labeling unit: 2,000 plants per hour
• Printers per labeling unit: 2
• Capacity per printer: 2,000 plants per hour
• Sticker formats: 30x30 to 90x90 mm

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