SmartScan 3D

Sorting pot plants calls for a very precise eye. Growers who set high sorting standards therefore prefer an automatic eye: with SmartScan 3D. These are key elements of every sorting solution. That’s why we at WPS prefer to develop our solutions in-house. That way we can match the technology better to the needs of the discerning grower. And we can also integrate the cameras perfectly with other parts of the system.

Our SmartScan 3D is specially designed for use in pot plant cultivation. So we have the answer to every sorting question. But the trick is to combine careful detection with a high throughput time. And we’ve done it! The numbers speak for themselves: every week our customers take more than 10 million pictures with our cameras!

Give your customers exactly the quality they ordered

Customers demand more when it comes to orchids. Particularly in terms of sorting. But delivering a uniform batch is no simple matter. It requires specialist manpower. Is there a smarter way? Yes - with WPS SmartScan 3D. With our state-of-the-art camera technology, sorting Phalaenopsis and other orchid species couldn’t be easier. We developed the technology ourselves. So we can pass on the benefits to you: more sorting options, and more logical integration with growing and delivery systems.

2D and 3D images

This SmartScan system is the perfect way for orchid breeders to differentiate themselves in terms of quality. Sorting is always consistent - and there’s no need for specialist staff with years of experience. Our cameras take 2D and 3D images, and each system’s throughput time is unparalleled. You set the criteria yourself, so you can gear the sorting precisely to your customer’s needs. And accuracy is just as high. With all the cameras we have supplied, we take around 10 million pictures per week. And we input all this expertise into each new system.

Wide range of sorting options

Because we manage the technology ourselves, we can provide far more sorting options:
• Colour/species
• Height
• Number of buds
• Number of stems
• Number of blooms
• Number of branches

Flexible use to suit every budget

Because we develop our own systems, we can use them more flexibly. So advanced the SmartScan 3D is financially achievable even with a lower budget. And with WPS you’re always assured of a tailor-made solution. We sit down with every customer to design and thoroughly test each system in our own camera testing facility at De Lier, the Netherlands.