The average pot plant takes a lot of handling. Sticking cuttings, staking, pinching out, cleaning… So you need to make sure your time is used as efficiently as possible. And that no time is wasted by transporting batches backwards and forwards. With a WPS processing system, your staff only do what they have to do: grow the plants.

A custom solution for every business

Every processing system is designed to transport the plants automatically. From the greenhouse to the processing room, or within the greenhouse itself: there is a smart solution for every situation. At WPS we work with separate modules which can be perfectly integrated into one total system. This increases output yields and cuts costs.

Don’t forget about working conditions

Carrying plants backwards and forwards not only takes time but is also labor-intensive. Make it easier for your staff by taking the heavy work off their hands. And make their working conditions more ergonomic. We will design a working station they'd love to work at.