Earn more and save more with one Plant Order System

There is a lot of money to be earned in the delivery phase. And not only by setting a smart sales price and fulfilling orders fast. You can save a lot of money by optimising your logistics, efficiency and use of space. A professional automatic delivery system plays a key role in this. WPS designs, manufactures and installs custom Plant Order Systems. Our systems are responsible for delivering some 1.5 million plants every week. Because they are made up of standard modules, our systems are highly effective and affordable.

Why not let your business benefit from the market leader’s experience? It ensures that every Plant Order System we produce works 100%. What’s more, our systems are suitable for every logistical situation. And for a relatively modest investment, productivity during delivery increases in leaps and bounds - no matter what size your business. And if you need a more powerful system in the future, your investment is not wasted: you can easily extend it. And there are more benefits besides. Underutilisation is dramatically reduced, and you won’t be phased by an unexpectedly large customer order. Beside, with the RadioFrequencyIdentification-tags (RFID-tags) you’re able to put important information into the plant carriers easily. With this method you could read this information automatically from the tags in the delivery phase, which is very efficient.

Better working conditions

Investing in a Plant Order System means investing in better working conditions. Picking and processing pot plants puts less strain on your workforce. They are assured of an ergonomic working position when working with the system.