Would you like to respond faster to customer demands? Are you looking to replace chaos on the work floor with a more stable working environment and a better overview? Do you want to optimize the supply to your bunching machine and process flowers faster with fewer people? Are you keen to create sufficient working stock? The WPS processing system provides the solution to these questions.

Our modules, which have been proven within the pot plant sector, are now also being used by growers of cut flowers. By combining the right modules and by adjusting these modules where necessary, a system can be assembled that meets your specific needs and company circumstances. Some of these modules include:

  • Buffer systems with conveyor belts for reliable transport of buckets with flowers
  • Vision systems for flower assessment
  • Workplace automation for hooking flowers into processing lines or filling buckets, for example
  • Control and order software for processing customer orders
  • Labour registration during the processing of flowers
  • Automated collection of buckets from pipe rail trolleys

WPS automation now also available for growers of cut flowers

Extensive automation is not yet par for the course in the cut flower sector. WPS has built its reputation on offering solutions to the pot plant industry. Worldwide, WPS has put more than 150 automation solutions in place, including conveyor belts, and sorting and delivery systems with camera assessment.

WPS has identified a market for logistics systems at cut flower companies. LG Flowers chose WPS as a supplier for the total package provided by WPS, including logistics consultation and full project realization, and also comprising a proven software package and a proven service department.

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