Square meters are expensive in greenhouses, especially in greenhouses where Phalaenopsis are grown. How do you utilize the space efficiently and how can you optimize the growing conditions for the crop? Two different questions but only one answer: with the Plant Growth Cell from WPS. It is an innovative concept with multiple benefits all in one. Without the additional costs of extra space in the greenhouse, the plant gets extra room. With all the advantages of a lush growth with an increased number of flower stems.

Protection from six angles

The ‘cell’ has a hexagonal shape and is therefore more space-efficient. At the same time its specific form has a protective function. We copied this idea from nature: compare the hexagonal shape of the honeycombs of the bees, which also provide protection. The Plant Growth Cell-concept increases your plant production and reduces damage, loss and breakages. Cultivation yield therefore increases whilst labour costs decrease. Sorting out, staking and sleeving : your employees will be able to work more easily and efficiently.

Additional advantages of the Plant Growth Cell-concept

• Undisciplined growth of stems will be reduced to a minimum
• During the induction phase the plant can remain in the vase
• Higher average number of stems per plant
• Good opportunities to automate the production process
• Opportunities to register batches by using the integrated 2D-code

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