Labour is an important cost item for pot plant businesses. A lot of operations have to be done manually. The WPS Walking Plant System simplifies these tasks with extensive automation. So you save on labour costs in the growing and finishing stages. You are also investing in better growing conditions for your plants. A pot plant that is spaced out more often will develop better. And that benefits your bottom line!

All the expertise you want in one system

In the Walking Plant System, the plants are cultivated in gutters on a belt. They are moved using smart shuttles. So it’s all hands free! And packed full of smart technology. The Walking Plant System brings together all the expertise we have in-house at WPS. And that’s quite a bit! Hardware, software, ease of use, functionality: we don’t do half measures. Because neither do our customers.

How much can you save?

Our customers notice on a day-to-day basis that the system gives their operations a massive boost. Skipping spacing sometimes because you can’t spare the manpower? Now you don’t have to. We know that other growers have achieved there goals if it comes to labour savings and efficiency. Figures that are especially achievable with monocultures, where the system really comes into its own.