Degraplace is the collective term for mobile potting robots which were invented by Degramec of Belgium. Degraplace enables automated picking up and setting down of pot plants, which is normally a very labour intensive task. Degraplace can reduce your labour requirements considerably by doing all of this automatically. The robot uses a fork and guidance system to move plants anyway and anywhere you like! The potting robot is also unique because Degraplace is suitable for almost any type of cultivation floor, even unpaved ones like the Erfgoed floor. Each grower and each company are unique and for this reason the robots are custom designed according to your needs or will fit in with your current operational layout. The robot can be employed for a range of purposes, from those that merely fill or empty growing tables to robots that fill or empty a wide section in one go.

Flexible application for various pots sizes and products

The flexibility of Degraplace is underlined by the fact that nurseries with mixed cultivation programmes of multiple products and pot sizes can use the system to very good effect. There are currently more than twenty-five Degraplace robots in operation. This mobile potting robot can be employed for almost any standard pot size from 9 cm up to 41 cm. Degraplace provides maximum flexibility as it can be adjusted for the following aspects:
• Pot size
• The number of pots per fork
• The input side of the pots (left or right of the robot)
• Positioning of the pots on the floor
• A perfect combination with SmartFlo

You can transport, place and collect plants automatically by combining Degraplace with a SmartFlo system. The combination of SmartFlo and Degraplace is perfect for nurseries looking for a significant reduction in labour costs and where automation with, for example, container systems, forklifts or the Walking Plant System is not a feasible option.