SmartFlo conveyor belts, market-oriented production with greater efficiency

SmartFlo Conveyor belts

You are looking for market-oriented production and wish to respond quickly to your customers’ needs. But is your business ready for this? With the SmartFlo conveyor belt series from WPS it will be. In one series we combine a complete range of products that will automate your pot plant business operations. Practical, efficient and future-oriented, the SmartFlo conveyor belt series consists of several modules that are connected online. This allows you to tailor the system exactly to your own business operational needs. Therefore you will never purchase a conveyor belt system that is too large or too small and that is what makes the SmartFlo system very affordable. Also because you will be able to grow towards a more elaborate system step by step.

Designed specifically with the client in mind

Thanks to the flexibility of the SmartFlo series you can support your business processes to suit your needs at every stage of cultivation: from potting and spacing up to preparing for dispatch. The basic conveyor belt system consists of 10 modules and in the near future there will be even more. This will mean even more functionality, ensuring the SmartFlo series as a future-oriented investment. How future-oriented? Together with our advisors you develop your own ‘smart’ system for your business.

The essential components of the system

• SmartFlo Track. Robust conveyor belt which is also suitable for large pots and for trays. Easy self-installation
• SmartFlo Drive. No more worrying about the controls. Three buttons for the direction, route and speed. That is all you need
• SmartFlo Corner and E-Corner. Negotiate every turn in your company effortlessly, with maximum safety for the plants
• SmartFlo Flexit. Flexible conveyor belt that is simple to (re)position
• SmartFlo Crossover. Connects conveyor belt routes which are needed temporarily
• SmartFlo Extension. Flexible connection of routes over the main aisle