Our values serve as a compass for our actions.

At WPS we’re not afraid of challenges. On the contrary: they inspire us to explore the limits of technology – and go beyond them. The ability to think outside the box has been a key part of how we work for more than two decades.

You want a solution for the long term. And we can build you one – provided we know as much about your business process as you do. And provided we communicate honestly and openly about what can and can’t be done. That way we ensure that our systems fit the bill 100%.

Innovation has been in our blood since the very early days of WPS. We are committed to combining growing expertise and technology in innovative ways. And always with the aim of being the best. We want to be the best in our field, and we want our growers to be the best in theirs.

Most of the questions we receive every day have never been answered before. And answering them is just what we want to do, working with you. There is a solution to every problem. A solution that optimises results and boosts returns.

Solutions are often achieved by thinking outside the box. By bringing together different disciplines. By integrating expertise from multiple fields. That’s how we work – by being multidisciplinary and uniting. With people, plants and technology as our ingredients.

Smart is not enough. We always aim for smarter! By looking for solutions that are basically very simple - but still complex enough to invent. With no-fuss technology – and a no-fuss commitment to you.