Smart Wrapping is the last module of the Smart Staff product family of WPS. A tray, optionally filled with the Smart Placing module, automatically enters the wrapper. The tray drops into a 'funnel' that protects the leaves against damage. With a rotating movement a plastic or paper foil is placed around the tray and cut off.Then the wrapped tray rolls out the Smart Wrapping unit via a conveyor belt: ready for transport!

Why is this module going to make you happy?Smart Wrapping 227 hoog

No human action is also involved in the Smart Wrapping system. This means that there are no errors or deviations in your production. Your output has a high degree of uniformity and quality. This will make your business process more transparent and predictable.

Applicability Smart Wrapping 

Below is a general indication of the capabilities of the Smart Wrapping System. Of course we can also be of service when these values deviate. Technical adjustments are then required, which means that the costs and the delivery time will be different.

Capacity: 200 trays per hour
Maximum plant height: 30 cm (including pot)
Maximum plant weight: 350 grams
Tray width: 285 - 385 mm
Tray length: 350 - 610 mm
Number of different trays (standard): 3

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