The stickering and labelling robot enables growers to automate the labour-intensive process of stickering and labelling plants. Besides saving labour, automating these processes also boosts capacity and makes for a calm working environment.

The challenge

Labour costs and finding and retaining good staff are key issues throughout the whole of the agricultural sector. Buyers are becoming ever more demanding. Growers need to be able to process customer orders more quickly in order to meet their customers’ needs. Labelling manually and coordinating these activities are labour-intensive and time-consuming tasks.

The solution

To meet this challenge, WPS has developed a stickering and labelling robot. The robot consists of a rotating carousel on which the pots are lifted partially out of the carrier by an arm, provided with a sticker and label and then placed back in the carrier. The stickering and labelling robot can be fully integrated into the delivery system so no human intervention is required. The robot can also be integrated into the Order Control Software, making it easy to specify which label should be affixed to the pots of a particular order. The maximum capacity of the robot is 2,000 stickers per hour.


• High capacity
• Low cost price per sticker and label
• Can be fully integrated into delivery process and software
• Straightforward, stress-free process

Extra options

The stickering and labelling robot is always adapted and installed in consultation with the user, so it will always meet your specific needs. Based on these needs, it is possible to calculate how long the payback period will be. Would you like to find out how long the robot’s payback period would be in your delivery process? Contact us for more information and to explore the options!