Plant RGB imaging

The WPS Plant RGB Imaging Module is used to quantify morphology in the visible spectrum using RGB or Monochrome high realism pixel cameras connected to automatic WPS software analysis.

It allows extracting a large number of features linked to plant growth and development over time. High-resolution kinetic measurements of visible traits are used for in-depth analysis of plant morphology, architecture, and extraction of color index features.

Key features

  • Plug and play, can be coupled with WPS Automated Plant Phenotyping Systems and WPS Plant Imaging Modules
  • 2D, 2.5D, or 3D scanning modes
  • 8 Mp resolution camera
  • Raw 16 bit format on all captured images for using open source or other software
  • Camera frame rate of 4 up to 100 images/s at 14 bit
  • High Depth of Field (DOF)
  • Multiple side images or 0-360° turntable
  • Built-in computer for timed imaging, light control, and data storage
  • Complementary software for data analysis
  • Quantification and analysis by AI (Neuronal network Software Machine and Deep Learning algorithms)
  • Homogenous LED light sources
RGB Quantified Parameters


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