Plant PSII and Fluorescence Imaging

A powerful integrated imaging module that measures Chlorophyll fluorescence or excitation of GFP/RFP at megapixel resolution providing the 0-, I- and P-level of the Kautsky induction curve of Photosystem II.

This system beats all current systems in the market in terms of pixel realism, true camera bit speed, and accuracy in the capture, process, and analysis of the data. Being able to generally read the photosystem of a plant does not require a lot of detention to detail in terms of camera, lenses, light, stabilization, and software.

Being able to read the smallest changes in the photosystem to obtain more clear and unbiased data, increasing the data value of the plant experiment requires a system build by experts. Combining the strength of both companies: Phenovation and WPS work together with over 80 years of experience in phenotyping and molecular plant biology, combining the best products from both worlds.

High res camera's and smart software
The WPS PSII and fluorescence imaging module captures the highest quality in fluorescence, CHL-index, Electron Chlorophyll PSII Imagingtransport rate (ETR), and photochemistry images at megapixel resolution. Using high-res cameras and smart software, PAM curve and the Kautsky curve can both be identified, also fluorescence parameters are calculated per pixel and displayed as images.
Multispectral images are captured using the same optical layout as for the fluorescence images and an optical filter wheel. Images captured can be analyzed to quantify the Chl-index (correlates with the amount of chlorophyll), Ant-index (correlates with the amount of anthocyanin), NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index), NIR, and color.

Key features

  • Plug and play, can be coupled with WPS Automated Plant Phenotyping Systems and WPS Plant Imaging Modules
  • Camera frame rate of 4 up to 100 images/s at 14 bit
  • Time-lapse recording
  • All LED light sources for red, far-red, white, green, blue, and UV
  • A built-in computer for timed imaging, light control, and data storage
  • Pixel-to-pixel information on fluorescence and multispectral
  • 30 fluorescence images of 1 Mp in 1 second
  • 4 fluorescence images of 6 Mp in 1 second
  • Imaged area from 20 x 20 cm2 up to 70 x 70 cm2 (depending on model)
  • High Depth of Field (DOF)


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