Plant multispectral imaging

The WPS Plant Multispectral Imaging module is a tool used to access discrete bands within the VIS/NIR region.optics_balzers_narrow-bandpass-filters_0516_01
The user can select which frequencies would be beneficial for the plant experiment. Although multispectral imaging has fewer frequencies compared to hyperspectral imaging, the price of the module is lower compared to the Hyperspect Imaging Module and more direct in its data quantification.

Wavelengths are combined to create spectral indices. At the moment we can calculate the most important indices such as:

  • Normalized Digital Vegetation Index (NDVI)
  • Enhanced vegetation index (EVI)
  • Normalized Pigments Chlorophyll ratio index (NPCI)
  • Plant Senescence Reflectance Index (PSRI)

Key features:

  • Plug-and-play, can be coupled with WPS Automated Plant Phenotyping Systems and WPS Plant Imaging Modules
  • High precision
  • Spectral range covers wavelength from within the UV/VIS/NIR
  • Specific light illumination source



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