Plant 3D Line Scan Imaging

WPS Plant 3D Line-Scan Imaging Module is a unique vision tool, providing a 3D point cloud of your plant combined with RGB or multispectral imaging.
It captures single-pixel line images and is seamlessly connected, generating a complete plant picture to create a realistic and undistorted front or top image of your plant.

Processing efficiency
Line scanning eliminates the frame overlaps required to build a seamless image. Frame overlaps represent redundant data that uses up precious processing bandwidth, particularly in high-speed, high-resolution applications.

It‘s the combination that counts
WPS optimized the interaction between the individual system components - from the illumination, lenses, and camera, right up to the image capture hardware - is a decisive factor in determining the quality of the overall image. Furthermore, the capabilities of the image processing software responsible for evaluating the image data are equally crucial.

Key features

  • Plug and play, can be coupled with WPS Automated Plant Phenotyping Systems and WPS Plant Imaging Modules
  • Resolution 3,5 µm
  • A quick and effective approach of 3D modeling
  • Top scan - scanning distance up to 60 cm
  • Side-scan - scanning distance is user-defined
  • Raw data in 3D point clouds
  • Meshed models automatically analyzed
  • Projecting of chlorophyll fluorescence to 3D model
  • Projecting of other model images to 3D
  • Automatic analysis


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