Dark Adaptation Tunnel

WPS Dark Adaptation Tunnel is used for plant acclimation prior to physiological phenotyping, which is a key feature of our phenotyping platforms.

The adaptation tunnel is located upstream of the WPS imaging modules and used mostly prior to imaging of the PSI and PSII photosystem. The tunnel can also be integrated with multichannel leds with a programmable interface for defining desired light regime and spectral quality. The tunnel is constructed as a light isolated box with double automatic light-tight entrance and exit doors. The adaptation tunnel may be designed to accommodate one, or several lines of plants to allow dark or light plant adaptation ranging from a few minutes to tens of minutes based on the users experimental needs.

Key features

  • Plug and play, can be coupled with WPS Automated Plant Phenotyping Systems and WPS Plant Imaging Modules
  • Completely dark, using double doors at each entrance/exit
  • Length can be determined based on the size plant experiment and available space
  • Dark adaption ranging from a few minutes to tens of minutes
Dark adaptation tunnel 326x170


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