Automated Plant Phenotyping

The WPS Automated Plant Phenotyping System allows you to run automated high quality plant experiments where every plant detail can be visualized and quantified using state of the art transport, camera and software technology.

Run the plant experiment from the beginning to the end

Based on the amount of plants and or genotypes, a small, medium or large plant conveyer buffer is
selected to run the experiment from beginning to end. To obtain high precision and valuable data, the WPS Automated Plant Phenotyping System is designed in such a way that it removes as much of the experiment and climate variables as possible. Thus increasing the accuracy and value of
plant data which is achieved by:

  • using block designs
  • moving plants within the experiment over time
  • the use of high precision movement systems.

Image analysis software 

Plants never have to leave the WPS Automated Plant Phenotyping System which can be cultivated, treated and imaged during all stages of the experiment. When individual plants or batches are ready to be imaged and trait-quantified, Patented RFID tagged carriers transport the plants towards one of the many WPS Imaging Modules connected to the automated conveyer system.
Images acquired typically from the top and multiple side angle views will be stored and available for internal analysis. WPS image analysis software also provides the required plant trait quantification and conclusions.

Key features

  • Modular system
  • Can be used with all sized, trays, pots and other plant carriers
  • Complete range of imaging modules: including software
  • 360° imaging
  • Accurate water/nutrient weighing module
  • Patented RFID tagged plant carriers
  • Open database structure
  • Data output = result/csv/excel/RAW/jpeg
  • Environmental sensors
  • Improving statistical data by using randomized complete block design
  • Dark adoption tunnel

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Automated Plant Phenotyping Process