Another example of WPS engineering excellence and innovations is its rotating conveyor system for multiple top and side imaging within the WPS suite of imaging sensors.

Imaging Station Turntable WPS

Unlike other technologies that use a stopper, lifter and rotating device, the WPS concept still allows ultra-high throughputs and has very high accuracy between the conveyor turntable and the camera angle- allowing up to 70 images in less than 4 seconds with high accuracy and reproducibility.

The imaging stations that require plant rotation in order to generate images of different side views are equipped with this high-precision turntable. The device pulls a plant onto a turntable and depending on the settings the plant is rotated to the correct angle in order to perform imaging from the proper position.
The turntable uses high precision servo motors and encoders to guarantee maximal accuracy and control over the movement.

Several parameters can be used to control the unit:

  • Rotation speed
  • Amount of side views that are needed (the unit will calculate the angles in such way that they are evenly divided over the 360˚ plane)

The turntable can be programmed to either stop the table at the desired angle or that the imaging sensors are triggered real-time during the continuous 360 degree rotational movement of the plant.

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