Since the advent of the genomics revolution there are now huge data sets available for a wide range of plant genomes with a corresponding need to accurately measure large numbers of plants and plant parameters. From models laboratory based systems such as Arabidopsis to tall field plants such as Miscanthus or sugar cane, WPS provides high- and ultra-high throughput phenotyping solutions for plant breeders, physiologists and the wider plant research community.

Our focus is to provide robust and affordable solutions that deliver highly accurate phenomic data at a high resolution and throughput reducing background noise and enabling the best conditions for identification of characteristics between or within test populations.

WPS Experimental Control Software allows a plethora of phenotypic characterization to be represented.

Parameters that can be measured include:

  • Plant Height
  • Leaf/ Plant surface
  • Convex hull
  • Plant skeleton
  • Leaf count
  • Leaf angle
  • Corrected) Leaf Length
  • Plant Color
  • Bud development stage
  • Plant Shape Roundness/ Ovalness/..
  • Spike Counting
  • Branch detection
  • Fill Factor
  • Center of mass
  • Shape deformation recognition
  • Flowering surface
  • Greening index
  • ...and many more

The phenotypic data can be combined with genotypic analysis to allow cross comparison inter- and intra-genotypic assessment as well as facilitating high throughput gene discovery.

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