Good management information underpins every decision you take. So it’s vital to know exactly what stocks you have at any given time. And whether there are any gaps in your greenhouse. Or how different species relate to each other in practice. WPS has the solution. Our registration systems give you an up-to-date, detailed and reliable picture of your space utilisation and stocks. Making your business more profitable.

At WPS we have designed our registration systems specifically to keep track of plants during cultivation. Because we developed our systems in-house, each one is fully flexible. Do you want information at batch level? Or even at plant level? Not a problem with our systems.

Up-to-date information at any time

Our systems give you an up-to-date overview of crucial management information at any time of the day. For example: where particular batches are in the greenhouse, how much stock you currently have of a particular batch, what volume of supplies you are expecting in three weeks’ time, and whether there are any unnecessary gaps in bays or sections.

But our registration systems offer even more functionalities. They can also keep a record of growing characteristics. That’s a great tool for businesses that grow multiple cultivars per crop. Armed with this information, every business can invest in the highest-yielding varieties.

Compatible with other software

Compatibility with other business software is vital. So our registration systems come with XML integration for easy connection to other software you use. Alternatively, each registration system can also be used as a standalone system.