How many young boys have pictures of Manchester United players on their walls? And how many girls gaze starstruck at their Lady Gaga posters before they go to bed? At WPS we also have a shining light we look up to. Leonardo da Vinci. Almost five centuries after his death, he is still a huge source of inspiration.

Leonardo da Vinci was someone who combined a huge number of talents in one. He was an architect, an inventor, an engineer, a philosopher, a scientist, a chemist, an anatomist, a sculptor, a writer, a painter and a composer. And he broke new ground in every single one of these areas. He would apply insights from one specialism effortlessly and intelligently to another.

Let’s be honest: this Italian (1452-1519) was the man. But we’re doing our best to follow his example in the way we work. At WPS we’re multifunctional too: we’re managers, software architects, mechanical engineers, system designers, business developers, technicians, service managers and much more besides. And just like Leonardo da Vinci, we want to lead the field in each of these areas - often with a crossover of technologies from different disciplines.

So his modus operandi is a shining example to us day after day. And knowing that he is watching over us, we want to do better every day than we did the day before!