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Save without investment

  • You can progress efficiently with a critical view and a minimal effort
  • Saving seconds for every action could lead to a big save of labour
  • Do it yourself by using the tips below

Save without investment

Standing still in order to progress
We believe that most efficiency gains do not require high investments. With minimal effort and a critical eye you can take great strides forward. Saving a few seconds on a single activity can quickly add up to a reduction in labour of thousands of Euros each year. Standing still and looking carefully at your current operation can give you the insight you need to make progress.

Use the tips below to get started:

  1. Have a critical look at every activity and make a video recording to review it at a later stage. Measure the time required for every individual operation. Zoom in on the differences between employees who perform the same operations.
  2. Ask yourself: why is it done in this manner? What factors played a part in this set-up? When doing this, consider aspects such as speed and/or ergonomics. Are these still relevant?
  3. What alternative ways are there to carry out this activity and are these perhaps more efficient?
  4. Choose the best alternative and carry out some low threshold tests to verify your assumptions.

What can WPS mean for you?
Our solutions consultants have many years of experience in logistics automation.
We are happy to share our experience by being the critical eye looking at your operations processes with you, by asking the right questions, by doing simple labour comparisons and even - where appropriate - by concluding that the current method used is also the most efficient one.