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Do you want to know how other growers have optimize their logistics? Or do you want to know how other growers save labour? In our new customer bundle, three Dutch growers and two Brazilian growers share their experiences about the automation of the productions processes within their nursery. This five customer stories give you a better view of the SmartFlo conveyor belts system automation.

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Download our SmartFlo product sheets

Conveyor belts for maximum efficiency in your nursery. Insight in the components and specifications of the SmartFlo conveyor belts system.

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Stan van der Waal, Rainbow Greenhouses: “The system has worked absolutely perfect from day one, impressive!”

Rainbow Greenhouses, a wholesale grower and distributer of potted plants, recently invested in a SmartFlo system for transporting trays. Crops may need to be moved as often as every two weeks to provide the best growing environment. With WPS they created an effective system with the aim of reducing labour and increasing space utilization and working speed in the nursery.

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Nursery Dijk van Dijk: ‘The WPS system makes our organisation manageable and efficient’

Dijk van Dijk recently invested in a SmartFlo and delivery system for transporting, cleaning, sorting and delivering hydrangeas. Robin van Dijk worked with WPS to create an effective system with the aim of optimising operations in the nursery and achieving cost and management efficiencies.

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"Walking Plant System is best in class for Karma Plants"

A 10,000 m2 expansion of the Walking Plant System has enabled Karma Plants to increase its production. To get the most out of this expansion, the nursery has decided to extend its current WPS system as it has already led to a remarkable improvement in quality and higher yields per square metre.

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