The missing link in the ‘safe signal’ of plants

Dutch biologists have discovered the missing link in the ‘safe signal’ of plants. Although a lot of information was already known about jasmonic acid and it effects, the so called ‘safe signal’ was quite a mystery.

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Transfer learning in Plant Phenotyping

Image analysis and classification techniques are advancing rapidly with developments such as deep learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence. These developments are of upmost importance for plant phenotyping, as they will play an increasingly prominent role in the future.

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Smart Data Exploration software enters the Plant Phenotyping world

WPS is very proud to announce its new exclusive partnership with Zegami to deliver Smart Data Exploration software to the phenotyping world. The Zegami software is an exciting new image based data discovery tool, which provides organizations with the unique opportunity to organize and analyze big data sets, driving new quality standards within the industry.

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Hyperspectral imaging and the salinization of our farmland

Currently, 20% of the world’s arable land is affected by salinity in the soil, representing grave environmental stress that negatively affects the productivity of crops. Considering the forecast that by 2050 the rising soil salinization will influence over 50% of all of the global arable landmass, whilst global population is growing faster than ever before, we can conclude this is a pressing issue.

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Visit us on PAG XXIV - Plant & Animal Genome Conference

WPS will be attending the PAG XXIV - Plant & Animal Genome Conference from January 9-13, 2016 - San Diego, CA, USA. Highlighted are new integrated high-throughput phenotyping sensors capable of measuring drought stress impact on Photosystem II in controlled environments and in-field conditions.

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