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Tips and checklist for deciding whether your logistics investment is worth it

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Investment is not an end in itself for many entrepreneurs, but it is rather aimed at the specific purpose to gain certain advantages and a return on your investment. Advantages and disadvantages of the investment must be identified in order to determine revenue generated by an investment for the future. Discussions with greenhouse entrepreneurs have shown that many factors are taken into account when making decisions regarding investments in logistical automation. We developed this whitepaper because it is an intensive and time-consuming process to come to a decision.

This whitepaper offers you the essential components of the decision taking process. We used our knowledge and experience to reach you some example and tips. These tips are all summarized in one checklist, which you can use in your decision taking process. This whitepaper can be used as a checklist to arrive at the right decision, more so because major investment decisions are not made on a daily basis.

We also discuss the non-quantifiable advantages, not only the quantifiable advantages of the investments. According to our philosofy, ergonomics and job satisfaction are also very important factors for a thriving business.

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